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Worldwide, more than 10 million people are behind bars. In Curaçao prison, #SDKK almost 500 people.
According to the National Institute of Justice in the US, nearly 70% of prisoners will be arrested for a new crime within three years of their release from prison, and nearly 80% will be arrested within five years. Prison food is notoriously bad and lacking in proper nutrition, which can affect prisoners’ physical and mental health and reduce their ability to contribute and reintegrate back into society when they are released. As we all know Brain needs adequate nutrition in order to function well. And it’s been documented that rates of crime and incarceration are highest in the most nutritionally deprived communities, this was concluded by the US National Institute of Justice.

In Curaçao this is not different there is no proper diet, no occupational training, no proper bible studies and no Anger Management programs available for any of the almost 500 prisoners. There is no rehabilitation program to enroll the prisoners.

There are weekly fights in all blocks in the Curaçao priosn #SDKK since prisoners are exposed to high in fat or sugar food items, eventhough its scientifically proven that this will conduce to episodes of violent or aggresive behaviour.

To prevent the fights the prison management has decided now to lock all prisoners down in certain blocks as of 1st of July 2019 as their solution, since they are not planning to address the issue, they choose to isolate prioners in their cells for more then 21 hours daily in Curaçao prison #SDKK.

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