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Home MFK MFK ta yama reunion urgente ku Mininster Kenneth Gijsbertha i Banko Sentral...

Frakshon di Movementu Futuro Kòrsou (MFK), a tuma nota di desaroyonan negativo na Giro Bank i tambe Ennia Caribe, dos entidat ku konforme leinan ta preskribí ta kai bou di supervishon di Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten (CBCS) di kua Kòrsou ta pa 72% e akshonista mas grandi den Banko Sentral

Bou di komunidat i e klientela ku tin relashon finansiero ku un di e dos entidatnan aki ta biba un preokupashon enorme pa loke ta trata nan interesnan finansiero na tantu Giro Bank i Ennia Caribe.

Frakshon di MFK den e último 5 añanan a pidi diferente reunion tantu públiko i tambe di komishon sentral pa a trata e manera kon CBCS tabata funshoná i kon e supervishon di CBCS tabata ser ehekutá riba entidatnan finansiero pero Gobiernu i Presidente di Staten semper a stroba esakinan di tuma lugá usando diferente preteksto, i awe mira e konsekuensianan grave.

Basel III : is a set of international banking regulations developed by the Bank for International Settlements in order to promote stability in the international financial system. The purpose of Basel III is to reduce the ability of banks to damage the economy by taking on excess risk.

In the wake of the Lehman Brothers collapse of 2008 and the ensuing financial crisis, the BCBS decided to update and strengthen the Accords. It saw poor governance and risk management, inappropriate incentive structures and an overleveraged banking industry as reasons for the collapse. In July 2010, an agreement was reached regarding the overall design of the capital and liquidity reform package. This agreement is now known as Basel III.

Basel III is a continuation of the three pillars, along with additional requirements and safeguards, including requiring banks to have minimum amount of common equity and a minimum liquidity ratio. Basel III also includes additional requirements for what the Accord calls “systemically important banks,” or those financial institutions that are colloquially called “too big to fail.”

The implementation of Basel III has been gradual and began in January 2013. It is expected to be completed by Jan. 1, 2019.

Petishon pa un reunion di komishon sentral konforme artíkulo 33 di Reglamentu di Orden (RvO) ku komo punto… by MFK on Scribd


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