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Promé Minister Rhuggenaath por gaña medionan di prensa pa asina nan skibi su defensa mediokre pero nos tin tur prueba na e mentiranan di su Koalishon



Awor e mentira nobo ta ku nunka no a aprobá e offerta di Ernst & Young lesa pa bo mes notulonan di reunion di 22 di sèptèmber 2017 pa definí rumbo di tur negosashon basa riba e òrdu ku sr. Christiaan a haña pa buska un alternativa, e oferta ku Ernst & Young a manda pa RDK i MDPT tim di 22 di sèptèmber 2017 ta drei entre otro rondo di Workstream 7 Contingency Planning – Plan B, e landsbesluit tambe pa nombra Christiaan ta papia ku òrdu di Gobièrnu ta pa e buska Alternativa pa GZE – PLAN B.


Notulonan ku ta komprobá ku tur kos ta drei rondi di e Plan B ku ta kosta entre 15-25 Mion dollar na komishon nan.








Pagina 11 di SOW (State of Work) di Ernst & Young:

Relato di e notulonan di 22 di septetmber 2017 mesun fecha di e oferta di Enrst & Young:

Contingency Planning

Mr. Christiaan starts by saying that there will be pressure to finish the Due Diligence, pressure to get all the necessary information in order to reach a conclusion of whether it’s a GO or NO-GO with GZE. But we can’t inform the Government that it’s a NO-GO without an alternative. Mr. Christiaan mentions that he has been appointed on the 29th of June 2017 and since that day he started looking for an alternative. He has been given the assignment to work on an alternative. Plan B ??


Mr. Christiaan says that this figure is traceable in the State of Work (SOW) received from EY and he asks if RdK has received a copy of this SOW? Mr. Martina informs that he has a copy of the SOW but informs that he doesn’t think that RdK has a copy of it. Mr. Christiaan asks if RdK has received a 7-page document from EY consisting of 7 work streams? Mr. van den Wall Arnemann is of the opinion that this whole EY- process is like a black box. There were 2 previous meetings where we have asked for the scope, but we haven’t received it. Mr. Martina says that he has the scope but he hasn’t send it to the rest. Mr. Christiaan informs that in this document you will find a better view of what the different work streams entail. Mr. van den Wall Arnemann asks who made this scope and Mr. Christiaan informs that EY has made this scope. Mr. Martina informs that the main concern of RdK is the fact that Mr. Bryan Irausquin (EY) is a member of the MDPT-negotiation team at the negotiation table with the representatives of GZE and now all of a sudden EY has the instruction to conduct a Due Diligence; which is a conflict of interest. Mr. Christiaan says that all Good Corporate Governance rules are violated, he knows that and mentions that it’s not that big of a problem. Nos ta rekomenda Promé Minister pa e stop di gaña, e proseso ta kanando robes, e no ta kanando transparente anto esaki ta komprobá i dokumentá.

Gerrit F. Schotte

Lider di Frakshon MFK


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